About Us

Here at the Radar Key Company, we are a commercial company, who for 25 years have been manufacturing our quality keys and marketing other aspects of the accessible toilets National Key Scheme (NKS).

We have sold the majority of all official NKS (Radar) keys that have ever been made, including being sole supplier to RADAR (Royal Association for Disability Rights) from 1992 until their closure.

We are focussed on helping disabled people with a basic right - to find the toilets which they need and to then reliably gain access.

We are

  1. Expanding this, our ecommerce site, making it much easier for you to order not only our guaranteed keys but also Radar locks for same day despatch with first class postage.
  2. Launching our essential, free, toilet-finding apps and websites
  3. Launching the new, improved, solid brass Radar Key Co. Gold Standard keys, with both large and small heads (working all the same old locks even more easily and reliably).
  4. Providing free, nationally standardised signage for accessible toilets and Changing Places
  5. Providing essential, expert help and information on all aspects of the National Key Scheme
  6. We hope for many decades more to keep the price of these essential disability aids down, while maintaining high quality control standards.