Are you confused by the different Radar keys?

Many companies market their accessible toilet keys as
Genuine / New / NKS / Official / Easyturn /Approved/ Blue Heart / Radar.

The Radar Key Company have manufactured the majority of all the Radar NKS keys made. We were sole supplier of our more reliable Radar keys to R.A.D.A.R. for over 20 years until they closed.

Our original, steel keys (which will still work all the locks) have been phased out.

Our new, solid brass, Gold Standard keys are manufactured by ourselves, (The Radar Key Company), in Britain.

What is not confusing is that due to better design and manufacturing , our keys have always been and remain, reliable, accurate and very easy to grip. A key is not just a key. Some are better at their job.

These keys have to reliably work every single time, on whichever lock they are inserted into, because the disabled person rarely has another toilet locally which they can use, while the alternatives are distressing.

How are our keys better?

Important extra, computerised machining operations, including specific rounding, to the FULL lock manufacturer's specification.

Unique handle with raised edges for extra grip.

Tighter manufacturing tolerances, ensure consistent keys, to give reliable operation of whichever high security, 6 lever Radar lock you are trying to open.

Every single key tested on 2 different Radar locks by a British master locksmith.

Two keyring holes to allow the user to individually tailor the extra leverage and grip available from their other keys.

Small headed key for able fingered people.

Our large headed keys are the widest ones that we make and give grip and leverage advantages to people who can benefit from this, but also offer far better grip due to the unique raised edge featured on both our keys.

Octagonal shaft for easy identification by feel.

No sharp weld flash to cut fingers or obstruct insertion into lock.

One piece- no potential weak points from welding error.

Fully rounded nose to aid easy insertion into lock.

Bevelled keystop to aid removal from door.

In Summary! Our keys are reliably better for both being held and unlocking.

Who can buy a Radar key?

Qualification is by self certification.

You must have a mental or physical disability which is helped by using the key to access the specialist features available in accessible or Changing Places toilets plus countryside walks/ accessible routes within buildings.

Exciting Changes

The Radar Key Co have manufactured the majority of all the authorised Radar keys ever made.

RADAR no longer exists and now that we have refused to renew our agreement to supply keys to DRUK, we are free to provide many long overdue improvements to the National Key Scheme, which we were not able to achieve before.

New improved keys. now available.

Truly disability friendly website with information about the different British, Irish and continental, accessible toilet schemes, including how to buy keys – now available at

Website and phone apps with information about Changing Places Toilets – including each one's facilities, opening hours, how to get there, including public transport times and in 5 languages – now available at

Website and phone apps to find 14,000+ accessible toilets, whether or not they need a Radar key to get in – coming soon.

Individually engraved signage to aid toilet identification – now available.

Specialist expert advice by an award winning, master locksmith and architectural ironmonger – now available.

Professionally Tested and Supremely Reliable

Radar Key Company NKS keys dependably unlock the 14,000+ Radar toilets, which means, very importantly, that when a disabled person is outside the only local toilet which they can use, they are confident of opening the door.

Our free, glossy, printed flier,suitable for noticeboards or events is now available on request from It describes the many advantages of Radar Key Company Gold Standard keys, as well as our free Changing Places finder phone apps.

See and/or print out the leaflet here.